Steve Nash Drops Mic On Twitter Troll

Retired  Laker’s guard Steve Nash dusted off his Twitter account in order to offer some live takes on the soccer match between Barcelona/Manchester City  yesterday.  Some Laker fans took this as an opportunity to take shots at the NBA great, including one who apparently touched a nerve.

Nash finally had enough of the troll’s trolling, and came back with one of the best responses imaginable.

Proclaiming himself as the “hardest” 41 year old man this guy could imagine is awesome enough, but it’s the Temecula reference that endears Nash to our hearts.

Nash was dropping a call back to an epic Twitter feud between a Kobe fan and a Kobe hater, that took place back on Christmas 2014.  You can read it all here, as it’s worth the refresher or in case you missed it.

Nash is hysterical, and let that be a lesson to you Twitter trolls that the old man still has it, and isn’t afraid to publicly embarrass you, be it with words or fisticuffs in Temecula!

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