VIDEO: Stephen Piscotty Gets Hit Three Times in One Trip Around the Bases

Stephen Piscotty never thought he would have a week like this.

First, the St. Louis Cardinals right fielder signed a six-year, $33.5 million contract extension on Monday. Then, Tuesday he and the Cardinals faced the world champion Chicago Cubs in the second game of a third-game series to open the 2017 season.

In the fifth inning, Piscotty was at bat when he was hit on the right elbow by a Jake Arrieta pitch. This gave him a free ticket to first base.

Arrieta’s next pitch was as wild as the one that sent Piscotty to first base. Piscotty successfully reached second base but he was nailed in his left elbow by Willson Contreras’ throw.

Kolten Wong was next up to bat, managing to connect on a nubber for an infield hit, Piscotty came from second, going for the score.

Contreras missed the throw from Javier Baez, hitting Piscotty on the left ear flap of his helmet as he slid feet first. Piscotty, who managed to score, remained on the ground for several minutes. He did leave the field under his own power and was replaced by Matt Adams in the sixth inning.

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said Piscotty would be evaluated on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday.

“The trainers asked him a lot of questions. He answered everything fine,” Matheny said. “It just rung his bell, which we’ll find out what exactly that means when the doctors give him a better test than just us asking him questions on the field. But he was coherent.”

Under MLB’s concussion protocol, Piscotty could be placed on the seven-day disabled list if it’s determined he suffered a concussion.

In 2015, Piscotty ran into center fielder Peter Bourjos while going after a fly ball in Pittsburgh. Piscotty was rushed to the hospital. He sustained a concussion and a head bruise after the collision. Piscotty later said he played the remainder of that season with a sore neck.

“That was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen on a field in Pittsburgh that time,” said Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright. “I thought he was dead. I think we all did.”

“This time, that was probably the toughest trip around the bases I’ve ever seen. You just hope he’s OK.”

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