Steph Curry’s Wife Ayesha Gives Glimpse Into Their Sex Life Via Twitter

Thanks to Ayesha Curry and her quick witted response via Twitter, we were able to discover the real reason behind Steph Curry’s exceptional range from beyond the arc. Endless hours of practice may have helped, but the main driving force behind his success is linked to the “motivation” he receives from his wife. How did we find out about this?

It all started with this meme created by @DonCapra:

Which led to this:

And finally to the climax…pun intended.

Pretty accurate is an understatement when you take a quick glance at his stat sheet for the month and that perpetual “I just got me some” grin that Curry possesses.

Every wife of an aspiring athlete should take notes. If the motivation is there, then the production will surely follow. Now if only my girlfriend would implement this tactic with regard to my detestation towards washing the dishes. Hell, that kitchen would be spotless moments after that reward system was put in place.

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