Sorority Girls Roasted By Commentators For Endless Selfies

There are only three acceptable scenarios where a flurry of selfies are allowed. When you’re using the lavatory, during sex and when attempting to capture an uncomfortable situation unfolding behind you… Hence the “oh let’s take a selfie” cover up.

At a baseball game, the rules are simple. You are allowed 1-3 before the seventh inning stretch depending upon age and gender. Then, one selfie is allowed following the game. These sorority girls clearly missed the memo and were roasted by the commentators accordingly.


Arizona Diamondbacks’ commentators Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly deserve a raise for that bashing.

Lastly, we know this isn’t news. Just enjoy a good laugh and keep the “this is stupid” comments locked up to unleash on the next Kardashian article you see on your Facebook.



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