Shea Patterson Tweeted What?!

It’s Burner Account SZN

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A few days ago, Michigan Quarterback Shea Patterson outed himself in one of the worst ways possible nowadays.

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I mean, this is bad. It was pretty ugly when Kevin Durant pulled this stunt for a few months, even worse when Skip Bayless tweeted one of the most cringe-worthy tweets ever (see photo below), but Shea, oh no Shea, this is horrific.

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But do I expect anything different from the biggest embarrassment of a college football program in our great nation? No, this is completely on-brand for Michigan Football. Harbaugh is probably going to make Shae drink a gallon of whole milk and run suicides until he falls into a coma. But what’s all this hullabaloo coming from? What is Shea talking about? 247 sports ranked the quarterbacks in the Big 10 conference and this was their result.

I would agree with this list, except Shea should be placed like 20th on this list. I would take Illinois’ Punter over Shea Patterson any day of the week. Now I won’t lie, I don’t know half the names on this list, I mean Maryland’s QB? You might as well have asked me who Kent State’s starting QB is, I have no clue. What I do know? Shea Patterson is in no way better than Justin Fields, so as long as Fields is on the top of this list we can all sleep well at night knowing all is right in the world.

But lets cut Shea some slack, maybe he’s concussed and doesn’t remember the embarrassing show he put on against Florida and The Ohio State University. Maybe he’s so concussed that he forgot to switch from his regular account to his burner account before calling out both Justin Fields and his head coach.

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I mean, Shea, do you seriously think you deserved to win the Heisman?! Unreal. This tweet has since been deleted and Shea followed it up with the 2nd most cringeworthy tweet of all time.

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Yeah, I’m sure you birdied the 18th just like you beat Ohio State every year. In your dreams.

Cheers friends and Go Bucks, Jiggy

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