Seahawks Final Play Shows Significant Separation Before INT

Early frame of Butler int - Super Bowl

That’s a shit load of separation for a quick slant route. Throw a better ball in the video below, and it’s most likely a touchdown.

If Wilson would have thrown at his man instead of in front, it’s a touchdown. If he had thrown it low, it was most likely a touchdown.

For everyone ripping Seattle for the play call, look at the picture above again, and remember the following:

You couldn’t run the ball 3 times with 25 seconds remaining and 1 timeout.

Marshawn Lynch has a history of failing from the 1 yard line. His 1 TD conversion on 5 rushing attempts inside the 1 yard line this season isn’t something to hang your hat on. (that’s a 20% probability for you non-math majors out there).

A pass was coming this play or the next. You just hope the QB who is about to get the largest contract in NFL history makes the play.

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