Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend and Welcoming Another

The 1999 – 2017 Browns had a unique relationship with the fans of Cleveland.

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We learn some things over the years. People refer to these things collectively as wisdom. Chronological age brings the opportunity to see patterns, to study humanity and to create our own unique thoughts about life.

There are striking similarities between life and sports. The wins and losses, the focus and preparation that is needed, and the pure competition are all reminiscent of life. There is luck, injustice, sadness, planning, and strategy in sports as in life. There are seasons in sports just as we face the seasons of our lives.

I discovered a long time ago that people move in and out of our lives. There are some we’ll never forget and some we can’t wait to erase from our memories. Sports seasons begin and end just like relationships. Select seasons will always hold a special place in our hearts. Yet, we must move on to the next season when the calendar tells us. In each case, we can be forced to say goodbye to dear friends.

Friends can have several effects on us, and they are not all good. They can hold us back or depress us in some cases. That doesn’t diminish the place they hold in our hearts. The Cleveland Browns of 1999 – 2017, were a dear friend to many of us. They frustrated the heck out of us year after year, but we loved them, nevertheless.

Some of us may have a hard time saying goodbye. We’ve become comfortable in the thought that things always go wrong for the Browns. There may be a feeling that we really don’t deserve to see a great team win after all these years. Being in a one-way relationship can do that. Our loyalty to this organization and the lack of a return on our emotional investment cause for us to finally enjoy a winner. It’s time to utilize the wisdom we’ve gained and say goodbye to the relationship we had with the 1999 – 2017 Browns.

The memories of past friendships and seasons will always be a part of us. In fact, they intertwine with knowledge acquired, lessons learned and emotional experiences to create the wisdom that so many people value. Don’t be afraid to leave the past in the past. Life is about learning from the past, living for today and planning for tomorrow. This is the new age of the Cleveland Browns. Enjoy it to its fullest extent without reservations of our past experiences as fans. We deserve this.

Hello dear new friend. We’ve been waiting for you.

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