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Sammy Watkins to Angry Fans: Go Back to Y’all Little Jobs for the Rest of Y’all’s Lives, You’ll Forever be Losers

Sammy Watkins has not been shy in 2015, blasting his own teammates earlier this month for their inability to get him involved in the offense.

Now, Sammy Watkins’ recent injury has fantasy owners as upset as Sammy himself. Speculation of the injury’s seriousness bothers NFL fans everywhere. In a seemingly emotional fury, he took to IG with an intense reaction…

“Most of you wish to be in this position so continue working ya’ll little jobs for the rest of y’all lives…”

So pretty much if you are not a stud muffin WR in the NFL, your life is pointless.

Impeccable grammar on your post, Sammy. Also, brilliant move deleting it. We have no idea how to take a screen shot.



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