Ryan Fitzpatrick Gets It

Fitzpatrick gets it

Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

It’s very refreshing to hear a guy, such as the big-brained genius that is Ryan Fitzpatrick, just speak so rational about an issue that will undoubtedly become a bigger story as time moves forward.

Not that Fitzpatrick seemed like a guy who was going to come in and cause a problem and be a total jerk to Josh Rosen, because he has never come across as a guy who would be such a jerk, but it is nice to know that he knows exactly what’s going on here and is willing to help any way he can. Fitzpatrick understands that he’s not the long term answer and that the team is going to let it be Rosen’s show sooner than later. So, why act all butthurt about it and not try and help out a young QB who’s trying to make it?

What’s also makes me feel good is that Fitzpatrick is still going to compete and keep Rosen off the field as long as he could. Playing the competition card is cliche but it still resonates with most players. Now, the fact that he’s getting paid a cool $7 million for the season doesn’t make the idea of mentoring a young QB, where you know you’ll be on the sideline eventually not getting pummeled, seem all that bad.

I suppose you could say that Fitzpatrick having no problem helping and being a mentor to Rosen is why he’s been mostly a journeymen backup, who never could be consistent. You look at other guys like Roethlisberger, Flacco and Favre and how they essentially spit in the face of the idea of helping their young backups and the amount of success they’ve had. I don’t buy that. I just think those guys get threatened easily and were soft about it. No reason why you can’t just say that you’ll help out while also say that you’re staying in that job a long time. I guess the reason is that they’re not as smart as Fitzpatrick, but to be fair, not many people are.

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