Russell Wilson Attempting to Build Street Cred By Stealing Joseph Fauria’s Girlfriend

In a move that has all the drama of a high school romance, Joseph Fauria cryptically implied Russell Wilson stole his girlfriend, former WWE Diva Erika Ann Hammond


The late night tweet was quickly deleted by the Lions’ tight end, but not before it struck a damaging blow to the devoutly Christian quarterback of the Seahawks.  That Twitter feed of Jesus talk looks pretty hypocritical if Russ is out there nabbing girlfriends of fellow leaguers.

Poor Big Joe.  Hours after he went viral with his touchdown dance, he’s pining over being wronged by his girl.  Probably had the emo cranked up and knocked back a few cold ones before deciding taking to social media was his best outlet for the pain, then quickly realized he was acting like he was 16 and deleted it.

Kudos for the Brennan Clay – DeMarco Murray reference with the mention and #SprayTan, which makes it a little less teenage angst-y.

Who knows what the true story is, but here’s a picture of Hammond in a bikini!

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