Russell Wilson Says Swimming is Key to His NFL Success

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been known for saying weird things over the past year. Between declaring abstinence and schilling “miracle water,” it’s clear Wilson is wired on a more unique thought process than most of us. This continued when Wilson was discussing his success in the NFL.

Despite being a running quarterback that takes many hits, Wilson doesn’t miss game and will be starting his 64th consecutive game for Seattle. Wilson credits the ability to play at a high level every week for four seasons to swimming.

“I love being in the water, in the pool. I think that helps a lot getting your body back. That’s a big thing for me. I swim laps when I can. I swim pretty good. I’m not a phenomenal swimmer or anything like that. I’m not Michael Phelps out there. But for me, I definitely swim laps. I’ll swim probably 30 if I can, if I have the opportunity to swim in a big enough pool.”

Wilson did not confirm if he swims in the miracle water.

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