Royal Rumble 2019: Thoughts and Predictions

Some thoughts and predictions ahead of the WWE’s Royal Rumble on Jan. 27

Another year and another Royal Rumble. Another year of speculation and Royal Rumble Rumors. It’s a fun time of year for any wrestling fan. Even if you can’t stand the WWE’s product you’re somehow compelled to pay attention, plus the Road to Wrestlemania sign pointing is about to begin.

The 2019 Royal Rumble looks like it’s going to be great and Rumbles usually are. It’s arguably the most fun WWE event of the year (It’s still hard for me to say event instead of PPV!) and a lot can happen in this one.

There seem to be a lot of moving parts in WWE creative, especially with their new mindset (at least on tv) to “give the fans what they want.”  That being said, I think we may be in for a shocker.

Allow me to predict Finn Balor winning the Universal Title off Brock Lesnar.

Why not? The guy deserves it. He’s a great worker, character, and seems like a nice guy. Who better to be the face of the company while Roman Reigns is out? Finn can be the ultimate good guy and the ultimate David in any David vs Goliath story. Plus, he would bring the belt back to Monday Night Raw. I’m a big believer of belts being on TV.

In my opinion, Seth Rollins is winning the Rumble on the men’s side. He’s proven that he’s a hot commodity and a WWE staple through and through – plus he’s had a pretty fantastic year of stories and matchups. PLUS restarting the feud with Finn is a solid move for fans.  I do think the last four guys in the Rumble will be Dean, Seth, Drew McIntyre, and that wild fourth man either Samoa Joe, Velveteen Dream (for kicks), and or Mustafa Ali.  The WWE needs to go big this year so I see a RAW guy winning. And if Finn loses to Brock, we could get Seth v Brock at Wrestlemania, which I’m perfectly okay with. The WWE is hovering around some great storytelling and most mid to upper card guys have something going in. It may not be what EVERYONE wants but there are stories in place to take these guys further.

As far as the Women’s Rumble goes, my money is on Charlotte. Much like Seth Rollins, she is a proven commodity and I think the fans want to see her win. She’s a rare super athlete that comes around once in a lifetime. I’m also very much alright with WWE throwing accolades at her. PLUS with the debut of the Women’s tag belts, the division will be elevated yet again.

The Royal Rumble can be extremely unpredictable and filled with amazing moments like a Jericho return or the debut of The Phenomenal One AJ Styles and this year part of me really (and I mean REALLY) wants to see Kenny Omega debut for WWE during the Rumble but not only that- I’m gonna say it- winning the Rumble.

My fanboy fantasy is a Wrestlemania headlined by Kenny Omega Vs Finn Balor. This may also be the dream of every die hard fan out there. However, the WWE doesn’t cater to the diehards – they don’t need to. The WWE is such a global entity and family product that they are more than happy to tell us what to like and who to like; so as wrestling fans we have to take everything with a grain of salt. It’s for the kids.

Here’s a fun game while watching the Rumbles. Get a few friends together then cut out the numbers one through 30 and put them in a hat. Then make a nice wager; say you have five other friends in attendance at $20 each you have a pot of $120. Now, go around the room and have your buddies (including yourself) blindly take a number out of the hat until they’re gone. It makes for a very interesting viewing experience because you’ll be rooting for people you’d never think you would win. Happy Royal Rumble!

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