Routine Finspection: Preseason Week 3

Dolphins Jaguars recap

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Dress Rehearsal week has come and gone with Miami playing the Jags last night. Fortunately, it didn’t rain like it seems to do every year when the Dolphins and Jaguars play in the preseason. Dress Rehearsal week is supposed to be a week where the starters play into the third quarter like we’ve been conditioned to expect, but the Dolphins had many starters sit out.

Most of these guys will be ready for week one of the regular season, so I’m not worried about not having them out there. Drake and Jones are the main guys that we’ll have to wait and see about their availability.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is really flexing his Harvard brain by doing what he can to lose the starting QB job. He looked absolutely awful and out of sync with everyone. Fitzpatrick finished with a good stat line, 12-18 for 126 and a TD to Mark Walton, but you can tell aside from his single TD scoring drive, he looked pretty bad. He looks like a guy who’s 37 running for his life without precision.

On the flip side, Josh Rosen looked real sharp as he also was running for his life.

The scrambling ability of Rosen where he essentially looks like a car with two flat tires was effective. That absolute dime he threw to Ford on the run should seal the deal on who the better passer of the ball is. Now I’m not doubting that Fitzpatrick may have the offense down more than Rosen, but if we’re going with what’s happened on the field during the preseason it’s an easy choice on who should be starting against Baltimore. Sadly, if there was a game I wouldn’t mind seeing Rosen sit out, it’s against the Ravens defense.

I think Rosen will get beat up against Baltimore because the Dolphins offensive line has what looks like D3 guys trying to block NFL players. I’m not sure what Jesse Davis did to the other Josh Allen, but Allen treated him like a tomato can every single snap he lined up against him. Tunsil didn’t play and it really showed while the Dolphins went nowhere on the ground. It’s not great when Josh Rosen is your leading rusher for the majority of the game.

Kalen Ballage needs an eyeball transplant because his vision is nonexistent. Ballage is good when he gets downhill or off the corner, but ask him to press a hole or be decisive and you can see why he was a fourth-round pick. The Dolphins need Drake and they need him now.

The #FreeGesicki movement had it’s biggest victory thus far.

He had a 29-yard catch earlier in the game, easily making this his best outing ever. Gesicki is bulkier which should allow him to have an easier time getting off the line to make plays like this. Hopefully, Chad O’Shea understands that he is a mismatch all over the field and designs plays for him. One thing I like about Gesicki is that he looks like a guy who’s about to trip over every step he takes. Very deceptive.

Leonard Fournette ran over the pride of Canada, Sam Eguaveon, but still needs to take lessons from Ryan Fitzpatrick on the art of trucking.

Preston Williams and the rest of receivers had a pretty quiet evening.

Nice to see Eric Rowe out there making an impact.

Rowe will have plenty of opportunities this season to make plays playing opposite of Xavien Howard.

When will the Dolphins not fall for play-action boot to a receiver that runs a flag route resulting in a score.

An easier TD, I cannot recall. Wait a sec, yes I can.

I don’t want to say that the spirit of Matt Burke is still flowing around the Dolphin’s defense, but I’m not, not saying that either. Also, both of these plays were because Bobby McCain was out of position. Yikes.

Zero sacks last night from the Dolphin’s defense, but they did produce a fair amount of pressure forcing Foles and others to hurry throws. The Eric Rowe INT was caused by Charles Harris getting home on Foles. That’s two weeks in a row where Harris has played very well.

Jerome Baker is going to take the next step this year.

The Dolphins have one more preseason game that means next to nothing. After that, we’re on to Baltimore and the 2019 season will be underway. I don’t want to make any predictions right now, but unless the Dolphins get more quality linemen out of nowhere, I’m not sure if my ceiling is the roof.

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