Roger Goodell’s CBS Exclusive May Be His Ultimate Downfall

Let’s be clear. Roger Goodell is not an idiot. He sucks at his job, has incredibly poor judgement, is mute to public sentiment and is disliked by nearly every national talking head today. But he’s not an idiot.

In the CBS interview that will air tomorrow morning, Goodell stated that he does not think his job is on the line. Another affirmation of his disparity from public opinion. That same public opinion that got Ray Rice cut from the Ravens and suspended from the NFL. You would think Goodell would start to realize the importance of public opinion.

Goodell went on to answer his critics as to why TMZ could get their hands on the Ray Rice elevator punch out video, and he could not.

“We do not seek to get that information from sources that aren’t credible”

“That information” is a video. A video that clearly shows Ray Rice cold clocking his now wife. A cracked out homeless man could have been the source. The credibility of someone who has indisputable video evidence to hand over is irrelevant.

We take it back…Roger Goodell is an idiot. An idiot who can’t answer teed up questions from his CBS friends. And his job is nearing its end.

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