Revisiting One of My Browns Articles

Lets look back on an old Jiggy blog about the Browns in 2017.

Photo Courtesy of Get Your Fixins Podcast

It’s a great time to be a Cleveland Browns fan. Well, it’s always been a great time to be a Browns fan, but NOW it’s going to be fun. With all of the new talent added to the team in the offseason and the hype surrounding the upcoming season, I decided to look back at some of my old articles I wrote about the Browns on the Get Your Fixins blog that I founded last year [Get Your Fixins is a podcast that I host with two of closest friends where we cover Cleveland sports and everything happening in the media. If you’re a Cleveland sports fan and like to be a little informal and inappropriate, check out the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify 😉 ].

Anyway, I found an old, quick article that I wrote following a Browns loss (one of the 16 in 2017) and thought I would share it with you beautiful Cleveland sons a beaches. I think it’s important to look back on where we’ve come from to fully embrace where we’re headed (not that any of you forgot that we sucked).

So, here it is folks, “Any Given Sh*tty Sunday” written on October 2, 2017.

“Well, here we are Cleveland. Another Sunday in the books. Another day of nursing a night of drinking, rallying from said drinking and canceling plans with the in-laws because you’re “too sick” from the night before. And for what you might ask? You guessed it, Browns football…well if you’d even call it football.

Every Sunday thousands of Cleveland Browns fans flick on the tube to watch our beloved Brownies maybe, just maybe pull a win out of their asses. And every Sunday we get let down like a high school nerd from a movie where he’s surprisingly close with the hot girl, goes to the high school dance hoping for a shot with her because they’ve been friends since camp, and instead gets dragged outside by her jock boyfriend and his friends and gets beaten into the curb. NERD!

So let’s recap what happened this Sunday. Kenny Britt again looked like Brucey from the longest yard, some how never understanding why he didn’t catch the ball. Jabrill Peppers was again 87 yards behind the line of scrimmage, doings a stellar job preventing the deep ball we see every week against the Browns. And Kizer looked like Paul Crew before he redeemed himself against the guards and won the race discrepancy within the penitentiary, ultimately uniting all races and sexes (kind of) against a common enemy. The only positive to take away from this weekend? Duke Johnson Jr., and the fact that post-season baseball starts on Thursday…Oh yeah, and the Cavs season starts soon.

Anyway, Roll Tribe, Go Cavs, somebody get Kenny Britt some damn stickum (S/O to Clifford Franklin)”

Sheesh, Kenny Britt? What a joke of a pick-up. I can’t believe I was semi-excited when we signed that fool. Anyway, on to bigger and better seasons for years to come! Go Browns!

Cheers friends, Jiggy

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