[Revised] Recap the Browns’ Worst Draft Picks of All Time

Recap the revised list of Browns’ Busts with me, Jiggy.

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So, a couple of weeks ago I wrote and posted an article on here recapping SOME of the Browns’ worst draft picks/busts of all time. I only included a few in order to engage some conversation, to which people got very angry (which is to be expected from us passionate Cleveland fans).

Many Tim Couch suggestions followed by…

In response to everyone’s “better” suggestions, I have revised the list and included those who I so stupidly forgot. Here it is…

Mike Junkin

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I don’t know much about Mike Junkin, mainly because I was still aimlessly wandering around in my Dad’s plums while he played for the Browns, but when looking him up he was an obvious bust. Mike played college football for Duke (puke) and got drafted fifth overall by the Browns, where he played two seasons (barely), got traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for a fifth-round pick (classic Browns move), and ultimately only ever played 20 games in his NFL career. “Mad Dog In The Meat Market”? Nah.

Gerard “Big Money” Warren

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It’s hard to be taken third overall in the draft, sign a 6-year, $34 million contract, and suck it up as Gerard did. Just a big fat waste of money for Brownies. Sure he did semi-okay his rookie season but that’s about it. Ultimately, as they do so often, the Browns dumped millions of dollars into this Lake City, Florida native and got a fourth-round pick for him. The fact that he’s from Florida should tell you enough. The only good thing to ever come out of that state is Disney World, which even Walt Disney was a Nazi so even that’s a little tainted. Anyway…

William Green

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Green had a good rookie season but that’s about all he had. His rookie year he recorded 900 yards rushing and six touchdowns. Not amazing, but a promising rookie season. Well, Big Willy Style followed it up by pooping the bed for the next 3 seasons (559, 585, and 78 yards) and cementing his place on the Browns wall of shame. I remember sitting in my living room on Sundays playing with G.I. Joes and hearing my dad yell from the garage, “You’ve gotta be kidding me! This guy blows!” when listening to the Browns games featuring William Green.

Brady Quinn

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The most notable part of Brady Quinn’s football career was when his sister was dating (now married to) AJ Hawk and wore the famous half and half OSU and Notre Dame jersey.

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Sleeping with the enemy… you just can’t buy loyalty these days.

Brady, known for his terrible looks and great football skills, played three seasons with the Browns, where he never threw for more than eight touchdowns in a given season, and never actually played a full season. He is definitely deserving to be on the list of all-time busts. He now works in NFL commentary, but who doesn’t at this point (shoutout Joe Buck).

Honorable Mentions: Tim Couch, Barkevious Mingo, Craig Powell, Tommy Vardel, Courtney Brown, and a million more football disappointments.

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Barkevious Mingo – Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Craig Powell – Photo Courtesy of The Trading Card Database
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Let me know what you thought of the revised list as well as the original list. Comment or tweet me @jiggy_BIGPLAY if you disagree (which I’m sure you do) and want to add more to the list.

Cheers, Jiggy

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