Retired NFL Defensive Tackle, Albert Haynesworth, Asks for a Kidney with an Instagram Post

After battling kidney disease for many years, Albert Haynesworth gets the sad news his kidney has failed.

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Albert Haynesworth was drafted by the Titans back in 2002 and played on multiple teams throughout his 10 seasons in the NFL. Per his Instagram post, Haynesworth has found out that his kidney has failed and he’s in “dire” need of a new one.

In the post, Haynesworth mentions he’s been battling kidney disease for years now and also brings up having a brain aneurysm shortly after retirement. It appears Alberts body is working against him, but the 38-year-old Pro Bowler hasn’t given up hope yet as he’s reached out to his social media family.

Everyone here at BIGPLAY wishes Albert the best on his next big journey.

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