Reporter Drops The Ball And Says Michigan Won

During the Michigan-Michigan State game, you most likely decided to turn off the TV a minute or two before the game ended. Which you realized shortly after was an egregious mistake on your part. As we all know by now, Michigan State shocked the world with their walk-off win against Michigan with a 38-yard fumble return on a botched punt by UM punter Blake O’Neill.

Unfortunately for one reporter by the name of Jamal Spencer who works for Grand Rapids’ WZZM 13, his team of analysts back at the home office dropped the ball (Michigan joke) on sending him the crucial news that the Wolverines had in fact lost the game. What’s even worse, is that he reported the win right outside of the Michigan stadium. Way to kick a man when he is down Jamal.

Embarrassed and most likely a bit perturbed, Spencer took to Twitter and apologized to his viewers.

Mistakes happen Jamal, ask Blake O’Neill. Only difference is that people will forget about your blunder.

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