REPORT: Raiders to Acquire Marshawn Lynch?

The Oakland (for now) Raiders are making an interesting push to fill their need at running back. BEASTMODE.

Per Schefty:

While the Raiders could trade for the rights to Lynch, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll play. Yet the Raiders reportedly have gauged his interest in playing for his hometown, and the feeling may be more mutual than expected.

Lynch has done an excellent job staying in shape in retirement, so a final year with the Raiders may not be too far fetched. 

Lynch is 1 year younger than Adrian Peterson, and hasn’t taken a hit in over a year. While no one can be certain what’s going on in that Skittle filled brain, it’s not all that crazy to picture a hometown kid helping the Raiders get to the Super Bowl. 

Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch? What a combo, Raiders fans. 

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