Recap the Browns’ Worst Draft Picks of All Time

We recap some of the Browns’ worst draft picks/biggest flops of all time.

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With the NFL draft coming up this Thursday, the Cleveland Browns are finally in a place where the draft is not the biggest thing to look forward to for the year. This is something that’s been tossed around Twitter for the past few months or so, but it’s a funny feeling to be a Browns fan and not really give a shit about who they draft this year. Sure everybody has their opinions on who they would LIKE the Browns to draft, but the excitement surrounding the draft ultimately falls short of the eagerness to begin the 2019-2020 season (it’s baseball season, slow your roll).

With all of this in mind, I figured it would be a good time to recap some of the Browns’ worst draft picks/biggest flops of all time (or at least in the current era). So, let’s begin…

1 – Trent Richardson

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Trent Richardson was an all-time flop in the NFL, but more notably an all-time thing to happen to the Browns. I remember seeing this kid in college absolutely wreak havoc at Alabama. I remember videos coming out on Twitter of him bench pressing like 600 lbs! I honestly remember saying to my friend, “imagine getting stiff armed by this guy, he would punch a whole through your soul and score touchdowns left and right.” Well, Jiggy was wrong again. Trent Richardson was so poopy kaka that we traded him two weeks into his second year in Cleveland (smartest move we’ve ever made) to the Indianapolis Colts. He ultimately went on to suck his way all the way to the CFL where he eventually got suspended for no apparent reason other than, “He’s got some stuff going on at home.” Yeah, he shitted the bed.

2 – Kellen Winslow Jr.

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Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “Jiggy, Kellen Winslow was actually pretty good for the Browns. I wouldn’t call him a bust at all!” and you would be wrong. Winslow had ONE good season in Cleveland and that was in 2007 when he had a 1,100-yard season and that’s it. He broke his leg (fibula) his rookie season in 2004, he crashed a motorcycle in 2005, in 2008 he was hospitalized with a Staph infection, and who could forget that he recently was caught diddling himself in front of an old lady. You HATE to see that.

3 – Justin Gilbert

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Who could forget this absolute DINK of a DB, taken eighth overall by the Browns in the same draft where we drafted Johnny Ma… I’m sorry, “John” Manziel. Gilbert turned out to be an absolute zero for the Browns and at one point actually refused to play any more games with the Browns because we (and he) sucked so bad. He then went on to play for Shittsburg Peelers and now can’t pass a drug test. Goodbye and good riddance, I pity the fool.

4 – Johnny Manziel

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I mean, I could write a 30-page report on Money Manziel and his antics, but I’ll keep this short and sweet. There isn’t a single Browns fan who wasn’t even just a little excited to get Johnny Football. People had their opinions but deep down in everyone’s heart they wanted to see a little bit of Johnny. Well, a little bit is what they got to see. We saw Johnny struggle with staying sober, changing his name to Billy Vegas so he could gamble and party, and lastly get brutalized by the Bengals defense in one of his last games as a Brown. Johnny now can’t seem to stay on a football roster, as he was banned from Canada (how the hell do you get banned from the country with the nicest people in the world?) and with the AAF grumbling within itself. Here’s to hoping Johnny can fit in where he truly belongs, the XFL, getting throttled by “HeHateMe.”

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5 – Cameron Irving

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Now I know that Irving is doing somewhat average in Kansas City, but let’s not forget how much of a liability he was here in Cleveland. This cat was the most unathletic pro athlete I think that has ever stepped on the field. Just an absolute poop-stain on the underpants of previous Cleveland Browns draft picks.

6 – Corey Coleman

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The only positive takeaway from Corey Coleman’s career was how good he became after two years in Madden 18. That’s it. Otherwise, he was either injured or just absent. What an absolute idiot this kid is by going into Hue Jackson’s (RIP) office and demanding that he be a starter after having a training camp performance that would be equal to if Helen Keller strapped up and ran out there. Anyway, Corey can’t even keep himself on a roster and we look better than ever for getting rid of him. Go Browns.

7 – Brandon Weeden

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What a bust this guy was. How unlucky do you have to be to start your career off by getting run over by the giant flag during the national anthem? Some may call it patriotic, I call it Browns.

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Or how about the time that he had a snap fly over his head and then he kicked the ball out of the back of the end-zone? Or maybe you remember the time that he shovel passed the ball roughly 20 yards forward with no accuracy to result in a pick-six? You just can’t make this stuff up.

Now listen, I could go on for hundreds of pages on horrible drafts picks the Browns have made. This is because they’ve made more bad picks than good ones. I want to hear from you who else should be on this list. Tweet me @Jiggy_BIGPLAY on twitter and give me your thoughts!

Thanks for reading this article, here’s to sitting back and not nearly have an aneurysm during the first round of the draft for the first year in a long time.

Cheers, Jiggy

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