Ray Lewis: “Only Reason We Know Who Tom Brady is, Because of a Tuck Rule”

Ray Lewis went on the Stephen A. Smith radio show, and apparently, someone was actually listening.


Not as shocking was Ray’s dumb and only notable quote from the appearance regarding surefire Hall of Famer, Tom Brady.

“The only reason we know who Tom Brady is, because of a tuck rule!”

Were this January 2002, perhaps this opinion would be relevant.  However, Ray is apparently oblivious to the subsequent three Super Bowl victories for New England with Brady under center, along with two MVP awards for the quarterback.

If you surveyed 100 random people, Family Feud style, odds are pretty good you’d get a nice big red X with a buzzer sounding if you answered “tuck rule” to how people know Tom Brady.  Super Bowl winner, NFL MVP, Hall of Fame quarterback, good looking dude, famous chick banger, etc. would all be much wiser choices.

Flip the script and ask them about Ray Lewis, and I’m guessing more people on the street will remember the linebacker’s involvement in the murder of two people than anything he did on the gridiron.

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