Ray Allen Reveals Rajon Rondo Used to Refuse to Pass Him Basketball

Ray Allen getting inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame over the weekend reminded fans of the petty drama between players from the 2008 Boston Celtics. Allen revealed most of his former Celtics teammates refused to offer any congratulations to him.

Another interview saw Allen go in depth about Rajon Rondo refusing to pass him the ball during his final season in Boston:

“There were parts throughout the season where I was starting to feel this type of resentment toward me on the floor. Other people would tell me at first, and I would ignore it, because I don’t like people getting into my team business, because this is my teammate. But people would always say, “He looks you off. When you come off a screen, he sees you and he doesn’t pass you the ball when you’re open.”

At first, my family would say it, because they watch intently, and they they know the game. And so I just said, “Listen, because you have said this before about other guys, but I don’t engage in that.” So then, I started paying attention to it, because I started noticing it.”

Allen also claimed Doc Rivers responded to this by benching him instead of punishing Rondo.

“I asked Doc, and I said, “Doc, I think dude is looking me off, and he’s not passing me the ball. And I don’t know why, but I’m coming off, I’m running the plays that you’re drawing up, and he’s not passing me the ball. And he’ll shoot it or he’ll go in the other direction.”

And Doc’s response was, “I know. We talked about it as a coaching staff.”

I was like, “Wow. So you knew this whole time and you didn’t say anything. You didn’t address it to me and, more importantly, you’re not addressing him about it.”

I think his response or his way of handling it was, this is when he wanted to bring me off the bench.”

Sorry to Warriors haters, but they’ll need a decade of lame moments to match the 2008 Celtics as most annoying NBA Championship team in league history.

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