Rare Nine Dart Perfect Finish During 2015 World Dart Championships

At the 2015 World Dart Championships in London, England, professional darts player Adrian Lewis completed an extremely rare feat  by using only the minimum nine darts to win his game of 501.

501 is a darts game in which players throw three darts per turn in an effort to land exactly on zero, starting with 501.  Your score reduced from 501 by the amount scored in each round.  The most you can score per turn is 180, accomplished with three “triple” or “treble” 20’s (the “triple” is the smaller, inner ring on a standard dart board at your local pub).  To win, your final throw must be a double (the outer ring) and land you exactly on zero.

Example of a few triple 20’s

Lewis’ feat is so difficult and rare, only 42 professional dart players have accomplished it in 30 years of televised darts.

How’d he do it?

First throw:  Triple 20 + Triple 20 + Triple 20 = 180

Second throw:  Triple 20 + Triple 20 + Triple 20 = 180

Third throw:  Triple 20 + Triple 19 + Double 12 = 141

It may be a sport for fat guys to play while drinking and smoking at the bar, but incredible is incredible.  If you’ve ever thrown a dart at the bullseye, you know how difficult it is to throw with accuracy.  Adrian Lewis threw with such amazing precision, you have to tip your cap to the fella.

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