Rams DE Chris Long Plays Powerball Under Alias, Fools No One In The Process

Chris Long, like many others this past week, decided to play the Powerball in the hopes of an early retirement. With 1.5 billion (before taxes) on the line, who could blame him? To avoid detection, Long disguised himself as a stereotypical hick hoping that the Lord would bless him with those big bucks for a lifetime supply of Marlboro Reds and some good ole Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Little did this redneck know, that while he may not have won the Powerball, his most coveted dream would come to fruition.

Not only did Long disguise his appearance, but even his name.

Unfortunately for Mr. Carriker, the nice people of Virginia were unphased by the name change and clearly knew Rod’s true identity.

At least Rod had a pretty solid investment plan ready to go if luck was on his side.

$50 bucks says hipsters or frat kids start rocking that hat after this video goes viral. Better luck next time Rod, hopefully that timeshare is right around the corner.

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