Quit Giving Collin Cowherd Ammunition on the Cleveland Browns

After a year-long feud between Collin Cowherd, Baker Mayfield, and Browns Nation, it’s time to stop giving Cowherd more ammo on the Browns.

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Ever since the day the Cleveland Browns drafted Baker Mayfield, there has been one particular guy that just can’t keep the Browns’ and its players out of his mouth. A guy who has continuously ridiculed every move the Browns or Baker Mayfield have made over the past year. His name is Collin Cowherd.

Between Mayfield, Odell Beckham, Jr. and a new head coach with no head coaching experience, the man always has something to say. Making hot take after hot take about how this team will ultimately crumble, Cowherd has made himself the true villain to Browns players and fans alike. What Browns fans do not fully realize is, they are continuously giving Cowherd more to talk about.

As the football season inches closer to returning, more opportunities will arise for Cowherd to talk about other things, rather than something Baker Mayfield has said or done that he doesn’t agree with. The banter is all fun in games at first, but what everyone is doing is giving this guy more revenue. They’re giving Cowherd more content. 

In the boring months of June and July, sports writers and broadcasters will reach for anything to discuss, just to get the content they need, out. But as the memes continue to spread through Facebook and Twitter, Collin Cowherd is sipping his coffee in the morning, knowing he has another topic to discuss on his show. He’s winning, regardless of how much the fans think he isn’t. It has to end. Some fans might argue and say this article is no better than the hilarious memes, but this isn’t about making fun of his ridiculous takes. It’s about ending his ridiculous takes.

It wasn’t long ago that I was actually a fan of Collin Cowherd’s. He has always been a LeBron fan and always had some fun, interesting takes on him while in Cleveland. I used to love that because anything positive about LeBron was worth backing as a fan. But now, it’s just gotten silly. 

Cowherd has no clue what it is like to be a fan of this team and what the city of Cleveland represents to us. He has never tailgated at muni lot 4 hours before a one o’clock game. He didn’t understand the 0-16 parade, and he sure doesn’t understand us as a whole. Browns fans are some of the most dedicated fans in the world. 

It was the fans who helped bring the team back in 1999. It was your passion and love for the team and the city of Cleveland that helped carry the team to stay relevant. It was the fans who went through years of torment, watching every game, as the team rips through 29 different starting QB’s, 10 different head coaches and 8 general managers. It was you, the fans, who have endured so much heartache and so much grief. Wondering when this team will turn it around, or if they ever will. 

Now, the fans have something to cheer about. We have a quarterback in Baker Mayfield who actually shows some promise and what it takes to win. We have a GM in John Dorsey who is fearless and smart and a head coach who is so likeable, anyone would want to play for him. We have a team that fans can finally get excited about. The fans do not need to prove their loyalty anymore. All the fans need to do is fill up the seats every Sunday and make FirstEnergy Stadium the loudest and hardest place for teams to play in. 

Browns fans: It is finally our time! Collin Cowherd will continue to reach for more content and anytime the Browns take a step, he will be there to criticize them on that step. Do not retaliate! Instead, enjoy the fact the Cleveland Browns are a team with expectations. Enjoy the fact that you as fans can spend less time worrying about fantasy leagues and more about OUR team. The team we’ve loved for so long. The Cleveland Browns. 

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