Predicting National Championship Winner With the BIGPLAY Body Paint Algorithm

There’s a lot of numbers you can look at when attempting to predict the outcome of tonight’s National Championship game. Yet they can also be extremely boring.

Here at BIGPLAY, we realize the importance of top notch analysis…and we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

We’ve invested heavily in a state of the art BIGPLAY Hot Girl Body Paint Algorithm that will predict tonight’s winner. You’re welcome.

After inputting both teams’ colors, logos and textures in, we’ve utilized one singular smoking hot girl as our base to provide a uniform, level playing field.



Without a true logo, the basic “Oregon Ducks” text accentuates boobs, resulting in a net positive. However, the “D” and “U” flow down to the stomach, resulting in potential confusion during jogs and heavy movement.

Ohio State


Ohio State’s logo fits perfectly, relieving any need for the full t shirt, a net positive for Ohio State. The algorithm also spit out flowing hair, and wild red underwear, both extreme positives for the Buckeyes. The OSU logo does damper the accentuation of the boobs, yet shows off her clavicle….resulting in a net negative.

After finalizing the numbers, we have a winner…

THE Ohio State Buckeyes.

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