Police Pose as Woman Victim via Text Message in Attempt to Incriminate Ray McDonald

Yesterday, files in connection to the Ray McDonald case were made public. In them, reports show police posing as the alleged victim via text message in an attempt to incriminate McDonald.

Quick background per USA today:

“The woman who has accused former San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald of sexual assault told police she believes it happened after she fell by McDonald’s pool, hit her head and was knocked out, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in Santa Clara (Calif.) County Superior Court.

The woman told police she woke up naked in McDonald’s bed but with no recollection of a sexual encounter. She said McDonald was at first reluctant to tell her what happened the night before but eventually admitted they had sex.”

The following day, police arrived at the hospital to begin the investigation. Here’s the exchange between the alleged victim and McDonald while police monitored the text exchange. S is McDonald, V is the victim.


Based on the report, the police sergeant then took over the woman’s phone to begin texting McDonald. V is now the police sergeant.



While this investigation is ongoing, one thing is clear. The police sergeant clearly thinks that the alleged victim can’t spell, even though she had zero grammatical errors in her text messages.

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