Plesac is Bueno, Offense is No Bueno

Plesac pitches a great game, bats can’t get his back.

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Muy Muy No Bueno! Baño! Fiesta! That’s about all the Spanish I know, and that’s probably not even grammatically correct. I don’t know much Spanish since I basically failed it in high school (thanks again, Ms. Mullins), but what I do know is that Zach Plesac seems like the real deal.

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In his second start with the Tribe, Plesac pitched seven innings with seven strikeouts while only allowing one run in Chicago (the one run coming off of a fastball that Tim Anderson smashed to center). That places Plesac’s ERA at a solid 1.46. So far in his big league starts, Plesac has done his job perfectly. Much like Jefry Rodriguez, Zach Plesac was called up from AAA-Columbus to fill in for an injury-filled pitching staff and just not make the team look like total doo-doo, and he has done just that! The only problem? The offense.

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It’s no news to anyone that the Indians’ offense has been terrible, but it sucks to see young guys like Jefry Rodriguez and now Zach Plesac come up and pitch absolute gems from the mound and not get ANY offensive support. For Plesac, it came on his homecoming game.

As Mandy Bell from reported, Plesac grew up in Crown Point, Indiana, roughly 45 miles from the Chicago Whitesox stadium, Guaranteed Rate Field. Because it’s so close, it only seemed fit to have his family… his entire family in attendance. If you haven’t already heard, Plesac had more than 100 friends and family in attendance at yesterday’s game against the Pale Pantyhose, giving his second MLB start a pseudo-home crowd feel.

When asked about the tremendous support given from his family and friends, Plesac replied, “It was extremely special… before the game, I heard a lot of people yelling my name and I saw my family and people I haven’t seen in a long time… So it was a special moment for me. It was awesome.”

I love seeing that. I always imagined that if I ever had a shred of athleticism outside of summer beer league softball and had the chance to go pro, I would buy out an entire section of the bleachers at Progressive Field for all of my friends and family to come. What a great moment for the right-handed youngster. What’s even better is Plesac’s story.

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Coming out of college, Plesac underwent Tommy John surgery which set him back quite a bit. But that only seemed to motivate Plesac, as he dug deep and made a full recovery. Just two months ago he was pitching for AA-Akron where he made six starts and was eventually promoted to AAA-Columbus where he proved to be just as dominant. When the Indians made their call for a pitcher to fill-in in Boston, he was ready.

Plesac has also recorded an Indians first, as he recorded a pick-off in both his outing on Tuesday and Sunday, becoming the first Indians pitcher with pick-offs in his first two MLB appearances. The last pitcher to ever do so? Geremi Gonzalez in 1997. Two things on that, crazy how that hasn’t happened in 22 years, and also what kind of animal names their kid Geremi and spells it like that? Woof.

Plesac has been proving that he’s a competitor and that he deserves to remain in the show, or at least continue to start while Kluber and Clevinger lick their wounds. This team needs any help they can get and Plesac seems to be the most current bright spot so far.

So what comes next? I think the Indians should call up Bobby “The Assassin” Bradley and see what he’s worth. I understand that things are run differently in the MLB and they’re not just going to call up players based on recent hot streaks, but with this Indians team, I think you need to explore all options. Don’t fire the hitting coach, and for the love of God do not get rid of Terry Francona, just bring up a young stud and see how he does.

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As always, have a great week and I hope you get to sit back, have a beer, and enjoy some sports.

Cheers friends, Jiggy

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