Philly Fans Livid at Allen Iverson Sitting Out Big 3 Game

Philadelphia basketball fans showed up to the Big 3 games yesterday in hopes of seeing their hero Allen Iverson one more time. The news broke hours before the game that Iverson would not play due to “doctor’s orders.”

Fans were absolutely pissed off at their only reason of paying to attend the game not being there. Iverson did coach on the sidelines, but it just wasn’t the same. Ice Cube tried to respond to tweets of criticism regarding the frustration.

As someone that personally attended the first ever Big 3 event in Brooklyn, I was livid at Iverson only playing 5 minutes after being advertised as the face of the franchise. Philadelphia fans have it 100x worse with this situation.

No one can fault Iverson for not being physically able to play. We can however blame Big 3 for falsely implying he would be on the court for the majority of his games. This is a horrible sign for the future of the league with paying customers already unhappy.

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