PETA Wants Dez Bryant to Give Up Pet Monkey

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant apparently has a pet monkey. Bryant recently posted the following image on social media of the infant capuchin.

My new best friend…. Dallas Bryant world #throwupthex

A post shared by Dez Bryant (@dezbryant) on

PETA has called on authorities to investigate if the monkey is in illegal possession of Bryant. PETA’s Brittany Pete said the following:

“Captive monkeys should be cared for by wildlife experts who understand their physical and psychological needs and in facilities where they can live in natural social groups — they should not be in the hands of an NFL football player. This infant animal must be urgently relocated to a reputable animal sanctuary, where he or she can be provided with appropriate care.”

She also delivered this shot:

“Monkeys belong in the wild — not in the hands of football players who acquire exotic animals just to make a splash on Instagram.”

Bryant has not yet responded.

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