Paul George’s Reaction To Last Night’s Trade

With the NBA Summer League in full swing, everyone in the NBA is out and about in Vegas. Which means all of these guys are partying like there’s no tomorrow, and I for one don’t blame them one bit! I had a few adult beverages myself last night and was fast asleep in my bed when the news broke that Kawhi and Paul George were heading to the Clippers. But rest assured, we get to see exactly how Paul George reacted to the news. Let’s have a look.

I love this move on so many levels. As I have stated in previous articles of mine, I love when players move to different teams. I love it when leagues get completely shaken up. Now, this does seem awkward because of Paul George making the whole announcement last summer that he’s in OKC for good, but I don’t blame him at all. Russ is a great player but he is not even close to the talent level of Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George realized that in his time in OKC that he and Russ would never win a title together. Well, now George has that chance more than ever. We all knew George heading to LA was inevitable, whether it be the Clippers or the Lakers, but I don’t think anyone saw this move coming, especially the ones that were “close” to the situation.

Cheers, Jiggy

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