Patriots Crush NY Times Over White House Visit Fake News

Much has been made a handful of Patriots skipping the obligatory White House visit to celebrate their Super Bowl victory.  In reality, it’s not a big deal. Whatsoever.  It happens to every man in the White House. There’s always a player or five that want to take the opportunity skip the visit and get some attention for it. It’s just the way it works.

However, in today’s political climate, the media is no longer concerned with the truth, as long as they are doing their best to damage President Trump. And despite supposedly wearing the yellow jersey for truth in reporting, the NY Times is caught up in the hysteria as well.

After the Patriots visited the White House yesterday, the NY Times tweeted out an image in order to make it appear a fraction of the organization attended.

The tweet seemingly indicates a significant portion of the Patriots’ organization is so disdainful of President Trump, they skipped the visit, leaving only a skeleton crew of attendees.

The Patriots’ were quick to point out the dishonesty in the tweet.

As if the quick smack down of the Times wasn’t enough, they had photographic evidence to support their claim. They tweeted another image that included everyone in attendance.

Considering the friendship between Patriots owner Bob Kraft and Donald Trump, it’s no surprise the Patriots would do their part to set the record straight. The above tweets accomplished exposing the NY Times, but the Patriots were into piling on.

In today’s day an age, nothing is safe from being politicized. Here at BigPlay, we give the straight shit. We won’t mislead you like the NY Times because we have no agenda. We’re equal opportunity assholes.

But this entire fake news thing going on? Sad!

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