Panthers Fan Put in Chokehold by Security at Dallas Cowboys Game

This past weekend, the Dallas Cowboys hosted the Carolina Panthers. They also hosted Panthers fan, John Small, who decided it would be a good idea to bring an “11-0” sign to the game.

It wasn’t.

Small was not arrested, but forced out of the stadium with his mom. He posted the following message on his Facebook wall following the game:

“First of all I would like to thank all of you for the outpouring of support and your sharing of the truth of what happened Thanksgiving Day in Dallas. For those of you who may not know my mother and I flew to Dallas on Thanksgiving morning for the day to see the Panthers play the Cowboys. This trip was meant to be a way for us to mask the pain for even a few moments of the loss of My Dad one year ago that day. My father was my rock in everything that I sought in life, he was my mentor, my friend, my coach and the heart of our entire family. Our family is a huge football family and football has been a part of my entire life. We are loyal and we are avid fans, but we strive to always be respectful fans, especially as visiting fans. 

Until the last five minutes of the game, the game was everything we could have hoped for and Mom and I had a great time. In the last five minutes of the game, security approached me and told me I would have to leave because a complaint had been filed against me, calling me “disruptive.” They would not tell me anything specific and said they would not ask me to leave again. I politely stood up for myself and before I knew it they were nudging Mom out of the way to get to me and at that point, I walked into the aisle and was immediately put into a chokehold. The video shows what happened. As you can see both Dallas and Panther fans stood up for me and told the guards that I had done nothing wrong. I would appreciate anyone who took videos to post them for me. I would like to thank David Ward for his post and I would also like to thank the gentleman in the Chicago Bears jersey who freed me from the chokehold and would very much like for him to contact me as well. We have asked that the security footage be reviewed by the Arlington police department but have received no further contact.”

Shout out to #15 Brandon Marshall for the save.

Panthers lived up to the sign, beating the Cowboys, 33-14.

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