August 2014 Archives: Over/Under Prediction on Games Derrick Rose Starts For the Bulls

DRose. Everybody loves you bro. But it’s time to face the facts. You’re up. It’s

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Over/Under Predictions on # of Games Derrick Rose Starts For the Bulls This Year



22 games.

Starts the opener, injured in November. Attempts “The Return 7.0”, making it a respectable 12-14 games before Thibs sends him back to Joseph A Bank. Buy one suit, get 12 free…because you’re going to need them.



If I were a betting man, I’d say 45-50 games.

Even with two healthy knees, he missed significant playing time in 2011. Thibs is a churn and burn coach and will push Rose early in the season — he’ll start great and then miss playing time prior to the playoffs. And that’s being hopeful…missing the playoffs. Fuck my life.



Set the over/under at 60 for Rose this year.

There’s a chance he could miss significant time, but Rose was extremely cautious in recovering before making his return. He may have to sit the second game of some back-to-backs at first, but he’ll be fine. Fine enough to lead the Bulls to a nice playoff loss against Cleveland.



Zero games.

With D Rose busting up his knees for Team USA, his chances of a full season decline rapidly. Why did the Bulls give him the A-OK to hoop on a different team with Greg Oden knees? D Rose will make it for about zero games next season, while getting all cozy on the bench. Or in this recliner.



I’m putting the O/U at 12.

After all these stories I’m seeing about Rose looking tremendous for Team USA, I feel he’s going to blow his competitive load on international play which will take a toll on his already fragile body. Also- you wish you had my abs.

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