Oscar Pistorius Verdict is in: Not Guilty

Oscar Pistorius, the 27 year old double amputee Olympic sprinter who was accused of shooting his then girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013 has been found “not guilty” based on circumstantial evidence. Although confirmed that Pistorius shot 4 bullets through his locked bathroom door without any verbal warning, the judge could not convict him based on a lack of substantial evidence.

The defense argued that Pistorius, having no legs, was paranoid of intruders in South Africa’s crime ridden streets. He testified that he heard his bathroom window open, then proceeded to shoot 4 bullets through the locked door, killing Steenkamp.


Apparently South African robbers lock themselves in bathrooms. Who knew.

Pistorius can still face other related charges, including third degree murder. But for now, it looks as if Blade Runner will escape this shooting scot-free.

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