On Sunday We’ll Find Out if HBO’s Hard Knocks has a Master

Will HBO show the Antonio Brown saga?

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports

Thanks to Antonio Brown doing Antonio Brown things and deciding that he might just call it a career due to new league rules on helmet standards, we get to see if HBO’s Hard Knocks bends at the knee to the NFL or if it has a spine and will show footage of the Raiders and Brown going through this hilarious ordeal.

Not sure about you, but I wasn’t that impressed with the first episode of Hard Knocks. Maybe they know full well that they have some obvious stories that they’re going to get too. That could be the answer and for their sake, I hope it is. But not focusing on Richie Incognito, or even really acknowledging that Vontez Burfict was even there seemed like an odd thing to do. Instead, we got that funny quote of Gruden saying he prefers nightmares over dreams, the guy from Last Chance U getting cut, and Jonathan Abram planting his flag as the most annoying player in the league and possibly the world. I think we all just want the Raiders to be the Raiders and everything will be fine.

With all the nonsense that Brown has put forth this week, we get to see if HBO answers to the NFL or will they roll footage of Gruden hearing about this and just cursing up a storm, not understanding today’s player even more than he already doesn’t. We may get to see Antonio Brown at his house justifying and convincing himself along with his entourage that not playing football because the league won’t let him use his own helmet is a perfectly sane thing to do. Does HBO show the footage you know they could have, or do they just gloss over it and have Leiv Schreiber just mention that “the Raiders newly acquired and highly paid receiver, is still missing” and move to a shot of Derek Carr swimming in his pool. I’m not saying that this has the same set of circumstances and repercussions as the Washington Post deciding whether or not to publish papers exposing the efforts of the Vietnam War, but it’s close. Sunday at 10PM, we’ll find out what HBO stands for.

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