Nothing to See Here Just Your Typical 6’3 363LB Football Player… Who’s in 6th Grade

6th Grader is a phenom or whatever he says he is because I’ll never argue with him

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When I was in 6th grade, I was literally three and a half people smaller than this child. Not much has changed seeing that I’m currently two people smaller than this child, but you get the point. This kid has to be in the top five of kids his age in total size on the planet.

His name is Christain Lewis and he’s a force to be reckoned with. Though I’m impressed that this pack of regular-sized 6th graders were eventually able to take this kid down like he was Earthquake, Yokozuna, or Viscera in a Royal Rumble, I still would make a business decision if I saw this mountain of a not even an adolescent barreling at me and trip over my foot. I’m sure their coach said that all you gotta do is go for the legs because that’s what coaches say in these types of situations but would I want to get run over by a Geo Metro if I don’t have too? Kudos to whoever runs this league that doesn’t just make this kid play the line. Sure, he’d maul them in the trenches as well, but it’s nice to see this kid run elegantly as an RB and work on his feet.

Not since Andy Reid in that Punt-Pass-Kick back in the 70s that they love showing us have we ever seen such a size disparity in football. Tarik Cohen should have hired this kid to back him up and handle things when Eli Apple and the Saints were making fun of his size. If Eli and the rest of Saints saw this kid standing over them they surely would have said this;

If you’re keeping score at him and thinking about the biggest players in the NFL let me do it for you. Only Trent Brown of the Patriots is heavier than this 6th-grade boy. I repeat, there is only one person in the entire NFL who weighs more than this kid. Let that sink in for a second.

It’s easy and cliche that to say Nick Saban and others are already recruiting this kid, but honestly, they have to be. How can you not want this kid on your team in 7-8 years? I know guys who have gone D1 only solely because they were 6’5 255LBs. Surely, this kid can do the same.

Hopefully, this kid has a good head on those enormous shoulders and continues to develop properly. Reports are that he has a 3.8 GPA, which is fantastic to hear. It will be fun to see him in more videos going forward of wrecking everyone in his path.

By the Way- The creative goalline package you can have with this kid in the backfield would be unstoppable. Obviously, you can hand it off and pick up and short-yardage but if you have a QB with an ounce of athletic ability you can run boot all day.

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