North Carolina Runs a Fart of a Two-Point Conversion and Loses to #1 Clemson

North Carolina runs a dumb play and loses to Clemson

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports

You had him, you friggin had em. And what do you do, you run an option play as your two-point conversion when you’ve been rolling them when you were running read option.

Way to go Mack Brown. You leave Texas, come out of a weird retirement only to have the #1 team on the ropes, with the greatest QB in the history of throwing things, and you run an option that gets stomped into the ground. You need to be better than that. An obvious statement, but you sort of need to be better than that play.

At the very least, get your QB on the perimeter running a sprint out or something like that. Don’t run something you barely ever do.

Damnit Mack, you had the chance to see everything in college football go up in smoke and you let them off the hook. All we wanted to see was the world burn, and you took it away from us. Shame on you.

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