No Way Anthony Davis Isn’t Already Weirded out by Lebron James

Anthony Davis is certainly weirded out by LeBron James after a recent Taco Tuesday invite.

Photo Courtesy of TMZ

Anthony Davis is already regarded as the “young new guy” in Hollywood, joining forces with Lebron James and the rest of the Lakers. James has brought Davis into his family fold, sitting down for an endless supply of tacos, shared by the two on social media. Surely, Davis is getting a little weirded out by James and his social media antics.

Davis looks like a guy who was invited over to his neighbors who came up with excuses to not go, then finally caved. Newsflash AD, Lebron isn’t done trying to show you how cool he and his family are. He’s going to want to bring you to all his kid’s games, have you help him clear out his garage, and be there when they decorate the tree.

I feel bad for Davis because he’s a smart, witty guy. When he had the composure to fool everyone into thinking he shaved off his iconic unibrow, only to reveal he never did, it was pulled off to perfection. James can only dream of being able to draw everyone in, only to fool everyone, minus taking his talents to Miami.

You just knew when LeBron invited Davis over for tacos, it was full well going to be all over the internet. We all have that friend that puts everything on social media and try to make it bigger than it ever is. That’s what James does. Sure, he has one of the biggest followings on the planet, and people care, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

So, here’s to hoping that Anthony Davis has a Rolodex of excuses for the next three months of Tuesdays.

By the way – I bet James’ Taco Tuesday spread is the most glorious spread ever conceived. For that, it might be worth going if you’re Davis.

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