NFL Week 8 Picks

It’s already Week 8, and the NFL is showing why the only certain things in the NFL are the Browns being bad and the Patriots being good.  That being said, let’s make some picks for Week 8.

Jaguars at Titans: The Jaguars haven’t made any progress after loading up on defense to assist their potent offense. The Titans are certainly a mediocre team, but a much more stable mediocre team than the Jags. Mariota should have a decent day and lead the Titans to win number 4. Titans 24-17 over the Jaguars.

Redskins at Bengals: The Redskins have put them self in a good position after going 4-1 over the last 5 weeks. With Norman in concussion protocol, I don’t see how they’ll slow down the Bengals passing attack. Bengals 27-13 over the Redskins.

Patriots at Bills: The Bills beat a Patriots team down to their third string quarterback who happened to be hurt as well. The Patriots are once again the best team in the NFL. Picking against the Patriots at this point seems pointless. Pats 30-10 over the Bills.

Jets at Browns: The Browns go through quarterbacks like no team in history. The Jets are having quarterback issues of their own, but they should win this one easily. Jets 20-3 over the Browns.

Lions at Texans: The Lions aren’t the Lions of a few years ago, but are still a decent team. The Texans have found ways to underperform consistently. They have a stout defense, yet their offense can’t seem to stay on the field for more than 5 plays. Texans only win this one because they’re in Houston. Texans 17-14 over the Lions.

Chiefs at Colts: The Chiefs are a solid team like they have been since Andy Reid took over. Their defense looks good. Alex Smith is playing efficient football with only 2 interceptions. The Colts are bad. The Indy front office hasn’t addressed their defense and offensive line issues to help out Luck. This is another loss for the Colts. Chiefs 23-16 over the Colts.

Seahawks at Saints: The Seahawks have a solid record, but don’t seem to be dominant. The tie with Arizona was an offensive disaster and showed why the Seahawks won’t win the Super Bowl this year. The Saints are about where they should be. They have some weapons, but they lack on the defensive side of the ball. Seahawks 16-10 over Saints.

Raiders at Buccaneers: The Raiders have youth, talent, and are playing well. The Bucs have youth, talent, and are playing alright. The Raiders offense and defense is just better than the Bus units. Raiders 31-17 over the Bucs.

Cardinals at Panthers: Both teams were expected to achieve lofty goals this season, both teams have failed to live up to those expectations. The Cards have won 2 straight and the Panthers have lost 5 straight. The Cardinals haven’t faced an offense of the Panthers caliber. The Panthers need any kind of spark. They get it here. Panthers 24-20 over the Cardinals.

Chargers at Broncos: The Broncos are not as good as their record indicates. The Chargers are better than their record indicates. The Broncos still have a stout defense, but their offense isn’t very good. The Chargers defense is better than expected and offense is potent, this is with injuries all over the field. The Chargers dominated the first matchup. They will win again. Chargers 20-13 over the Broncos.

Packers at Falcons: Falcons fans will go into full blown panic mode with a loss on Sunday. These Falcons look a lot like last season’s Falcons. They went 5-0 then missed the playoffs. That is looking like a strong possibility again. The Packers are so up and down they’re adding a roller coaster charge to their home tickets. The Packers 30-24 over the Falcons.

Eagles at Cowboys: These teams are where no one expected them to be at this point, in the playoff picture. The Eagles have done it with great defense and the Cowboys have done it with great offense. Elliot is the leading rusher in the NFL and the Eagles are 5th in total defense. The defense wins this one. Eagles 21-20 over the Cowboys.

Vikings at Bears: The Bears much like the Panthers only have 1 win, but the difference is, the Panthers can fix their woes, the Bears can’t. The Bears just aren’t very good. The Vikings have a fantastic defense. They will lose a few more games, but not this week. Vikings 23-10 over da Bears.

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