NFL Threatens Beast Mode’s Crotch-Grab Celebration

The No Fun League is at it again, this time, threatening Marshawn Lynch with a 15-yard penalty if he grabs his junk in celebration during the Super Bowl.  Lynch has been fined by the NFL twice for the “obscene gesture,” but the $20K is yet to deter Beast Mode from going all Michael Jackson in the end zone.

Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll told the media he will speak to Lynch about it, presumably advising the running back to avoid getting flagged.

While the NFL was on its moral high-horse, the league’s official team shop was selling a collage of the 2014 NFC Champions, featuring the infamous pose.

NFL: We Won't Sell That Officially-Licensed Photo Of Lynch's Dick Grab

Once the Internet exposed the NFL’s hypocrisy, the image of the item was quickly taken down, and the listing is now “discontinued” on the website.

Good to see everyone is now on the same page!

It’s already been nuts how much attention has been paid to New England’s balls, but this threat could make Marshawn even more testy with the media.  With the potential penalty for his gesture dangling out there, we’ll see if Lynch has the nuggets to whip it out in the Super Bowl.

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