NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

Worst of the Worst


New York Jets (1-8; L8)

Previous:  32
Result:  Lost to Kansas City 10 – 24

Not only are they bad, they can’t even catch a break when they do make a nice play.



Oakland Raiders (0-8; L8)

Previous:  31
Result:  Lost to Oakland 24 – 30

Another valiant effort from the Raiders.  Another loss.



Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8; L2)

Previous:  30
Result:  Lost to Cincinnati 23 – 33

Hung with the Bungholes a while, but they still suck.


Not Even Remotely Good



Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-7; L4)

Previous:  29
Result:  Lost to Cleveland 17 – 22

That GIF above is when the Browns drew the Bucs field goal block unit off-sides by going on two.  That smirk is the smirk of a man who knew they’d fall for it.  The Bucs are bad enough to be predictable.



Atlanta Falcons (2-6; L5)

Previous:  28
Result:  Bye

The Bucs host the Falcons for battle of who is worse.  Who cares?


27.  Down_arrow_red-5050

Tennessee Titans (2-6; L2)

Previous:  26
Result:  Bye

Odds are good Baltimore beats the shit out of them.  There’s no hope in Tennessee.


26.  Down_arrow_red-5050

New York Giants (3-5; L3)

Previous:  24
Result:  Lost to Indianapolis 24 – 40

Giants are free!  Free falling!

Everyone predicted the Giants would get throttled at home, and they did.  Now they get to go to Seattle.  Godspeed, Tom Coughlin.


Pretty Bad

25.  download

St. Louis Rams (3-5; W1)

Previous:  27
Result:  Beat San Francisco 13 – 10

Rams are real unpredictable.  They can look good one week and get blown out the next . That makes them a pretty bad team.


24.    Down_arrow_red-5050

Carolina Panthers (3-5-1; L3)

Previous:  14
Result:  Lost to Seattle 9 – 13

Four weeks without a win and it doesn’t get any easier, as they head into Philly on Monday night.  Maybe Mark Sanchez lets Carolina get a win.  Or maybe the Panthers really suck. The schedule is pretty favorable after the Philly game, so if they’re going to make a move, better do it now.



Chicago Bears (3-5; L2)

Previous:  23
Result:  Bye

If the Bears get blown out by the Pack after a bye week, their season is over.  Inner turmoil leads to poor performance.  Another humiliating defeat after a week to right the ship means Trestman lost the locker room.



Washington Redskins (3-6; L1)

Previous:  22
Result:  Lost to Minnesota 26 – 29

RGIII comes back and the Redskins promptly blow the two game win streak.  RGIII looked all right, but had a chance and he blew it.  Rust.  Let’s see how they look once he knocks it off.


21.  download

Minnesota Vikings (4-5; W2)

Previous:  25
Result:  Beat Redskins 29 – 26

Two in a row for the Vikings.  A bye week to prepare for the Bears could get them back to .500 and right int he thick of the playoff race.


Not Too Shabby

20.  Down_arrow_red-5050

Houston Texans (4-5; L1)

Previous:  18
Result:  Lost to Philadelphia 21 – 31

Houston is the definition of mediocrity this year.  They’ll make a big play, give up a big play.  Nothing about them gives you confidence they can get it done week in, week out.


19.  Down_arrow_red-5050

San Francisco 49ers (4-4; L2)

Previous:  12
Result:  Lost to St. Louis 10 – 13

It was a “should win” game with San Fran hosting the Rams, but they sucked ass.  Now they travel to New Orleans and face the real possibility of having a losing record.


18.  download

New Orleans Saints (4-4; W2)

Previous:  21
Result:  Beat Carolina 28 – 10

Went on the road to beat the Panthers in prime time handily for their second straight.  Hosting the reeling Niners with a shot to go above .500 on the year is a big opportunity for Sean Payton’s boys.


17.  Down_arrow_red-5050

San Diego Chargers (5-4; L3)

Previous:  11
Result:  Lost to Miami 0 – 37

Formerly the hottest team in football, they’ve dropped three straight after getting utterly destroyed by the Dolphins.  Did the Chargers decide it was more important to party it up on South Beach instead of resting up for the game?  This team fooled everyone and is now looking like the fraud of the year.


16.  download

Buffalo Bills (5-3; W2)

Previous:  17
Result:  Bye

Kyle Orton’s led them to two straight victories.  If they can keep it going against KC at home, they just might be a legit playoff team.


The Better Half

15.  download

Kansas City Chiefs (5-3; W3)

Previous:  16
Result:  Beat the Jets 24 – 10

Three straight after the bye for the Chiefs.  This is a dangerous team in all facets of the game, capable of beating anyone.


14.  download

Miami Dolphins (5-3; W3)

Previous:  19
Result:  Beat San Diego 37 – 0

Don’t look now, but the Dolphins have been putting up a lot of points…against teams that look pretty shitty in hindsight.  The true test looms against the Lions this weekend, where the Phins should come back down to Earth…or prove the haters wrong and emerge as a legit contender.


13.  Down_arrow_red-5050

Baltimore Ravens (5-4; L2)

Previous:  7
Result:  Lost to Pittsburgh 23 – 43

At 5 – 4, the Ravens are dead last in the AFC North.  After losing to Cinci and being humiliated by Pittsburgh, they’re desperately in need of a win.  Fortunately, they get to go to Tennessee for a chance to right the ship.


12.  Down_arrow_red-5050

Dallas Cowboys (6-3; L2)

Previous:  4
Result:  Lost to Arizona 17 – 28

Brandon Weeden is the worst starting QB in the NFL right now.  Until Tony Romo’s not a blind side sack away from the sideline, the Cowboys aren’t sure enough for the top ten.


 11.  Down_arrow_red-5050

Seattle Seahawks (5-3; W2)

Previous:  10
Result:  Beat Oakland 30 – 24

Something is just not right in Seattle.  Eeking out victories over Oakland and Carolina is a strong indication that the locker room is still in chaos.  If they can’t beat the Giants this weekend, shit’s only going to get worse.


Strong to Quite Strong

10.  download

Cleveland Browns (5-3; W2)

Previous:  14
Result:  Beat Tampa Bay 22 – 17

It’s never pretty, but the Browns manage to make enough big plays when they need it to outlast the competition they play down to. Sure they overlooked Jacksonville and got embarrassed, but how big is that throttling of Pittsburgh looking now?


9.  download

Cincinnati Bengals (5-2-1; W2)

Previous:  13
Result:  Beat Jacksonville 33 – 23

Won a game they were supposed to win after a nice victory over Baltimore.  Cleveland comes to town on Thursday night for a shockingly important game for supremacy in the AFC North, which is now the best division in football.


8.  download

Detroit Lions (6-2; W3)

Previous:  9
Result:  Bye

Who’d have thought Miami and Detroit would be a must watch game in week 10?


7.  Down_arrow_red-5050

Green Bay Packers (5-3; L1)

Previous:  6
Result:  Bye

Hurt by the bye week and memories of the beat down in New Orleans in the rankings, the Pack gets a reeling Chicago team.  If you’re a Bears fan, be afraid . Be very afraid.


6.  download

Indianapolis Colts (6-3; W1)

Previous:  8
Result:  Beat the Giants 40 – 24

Bounced back in a major way after getting beat badly by the steamrolling Pittsburgh offense.  The bye week lets them prepare for a huge showdown in Foxboro for next week’s Sunday night game against the Patriots.


The Five

5.  download

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3; W3)

Previous:  15
Result:  Beat Baltimore 43 – 23

Two straight weeks with Roethlisberger throwing six touchdown passes.  Obviously the passing game is on fire, but they also have Bell and Blount when they need to grind them out in inclement weather.  Tomlin’s unleashed the beast and it’s very hungry.


4.  download

Philadelphia Eagles (6-2; W1)

Previous:  5
Result:  Beat Houston 31 – 21

Losing Nick Foles could be a big blow to the high powered Chip Kelly offense.  We’ll see if the Sanchize was hindered by the shitty Jets and Rex Ryan if he can man the helm of the Philly Ferrari with competence.



Arizona Cardinals (7-1; W4)

Previous:  3
Result:  Beat Dallas 28 – 17

They’ve already lost badly to Denver, so this is as high as the Cards can get at this point.  Sure, they’ve got the best record in football.  It’s just too bad they had to beat Dallas without Romo or they’d have a much more compelling case in the power rankings.


2.  Down_arrow_red-5050

Denver Broncos (6-2; L1)

Previous:  1
Result:  Lost to New England 21 – 43

The curse of the number one in the BIGPLAY power rankings strikes again!  Six straight weeks the top team has lost.

Denver looked very pedestrian against New England in Foxboro.  However, let’s watch Peyton get them back on track and rattle of a bunch of wins in a row, starting with Oakland this weekend.


1.  download

New England Patriots (7-2; W5)

Previous:  2
Result:  Beat Denver 43 – 21

Hottest team in football after being written off six weeks ago.  They also have a bye to prepare for the big game against Indianapolis.  Since they’re now ranked one, it’s a lock that Indy pulls the upset in prime time.

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