Last Week
The Kid:  10 – 6 (.625)
Bode:  9 – 7 (.563)
Jer:  9 – 7 (.563)
BMac:  7 – 9 (.438)
Meat:  6 – 10 (.375)
TBuck:  4 – 12 (.250)
Season Standings
The Kid:  70 – 61 (.534)
Bode:  68 – 63 (.519)
Jer:  63 – 68 (.481)
TBuck:  62 – 69 (.473)
BMac:  61 – 70 (.466)
Meat:  60 – 71 (.458)


Dallas @ Chicago (+3.5)

  Meat, Bode, TBuck

  BMac, Jer, The Kid

Jer:  Hate this game. Dallas ready for their annual slide.  I’ll take the home dog

TBuck:  I can take a dump in a box and mark it Chicago.  I will.  I got spare time.  But for now, for your sake, take the ‘Boys.

BMac:  Tight butthole time for the Cowboys as they see that win total still sitting at 8 with Philly and Indy on deck.



Baltimore (+2.5) @ Miami

  Bode, TBuck

  Meat, BMac, Jer, The Kid

Bode:  A bitter Baltimore keeps pace in a tight division.

The Kid:  Baltimore still thinking about that loss to San Diego.

Meat:  Miami’s been good this year.  Good enough to win by a field goal at home.



Pittsburgh (+3) @ Cincinnati

  Meat, BMac, TBuck, The Kid

  Bode, Jer

BMac:  Seems like this is a 3 point game.  Either way, I’ll grab the points

TBuck:  You’ll catch me shaving my chest before I bet on Dalton.

Bode:  Overrated Pittsburgh can’t keep up with Cincinnati.



Indianapolis @ Cleveland (+3.5)

  Meat, Bode, TBuck, Jer

  BMac, The Kid

Jer:  Doesn’t matter who the Browns’ quarterback is.  They can’t keep up with the Colts.

Meat:  Injuries have the Browns as a shell of their former selves.  Could get ugly on the shores of Lake Erie.

BMac:  Browns pass D has been decent this year and they tend to step up in these games.



Houston @ Jacksonville (+5)

  Meat, BMac, TBuck

  Bode, Jer, The Kid

Bode:  Jacksvonille’s getting hot after a big win.  Home spoiler!

Jer:  Fluke game from Fitz last week.  Jags D is actually decent.  Tight game, I’ll take the points.

TBuck:  Houston is 5-1 as a favorite and 2-0 as a road favorite.  Jacksonville has won the last two in the series – no way they take three in a row vs. the Houston Watts.

Consensus:  Bianca Bree Van Damme ice bucket


New York Giants @ Tennessee (Pick em)


Meat:  The fumes Tennessee has been running on finally dry up.  Giants are beyond due for a win.

The Kid:  The G-Men go ham!

Bode:  Lock of the week.  No way Giants fail to cover two straight weeks



Carolina (+9.5) @ New Orleans

  Meat, Jer, The Kid

  Bode, BMac, TBuck

Meat:  Saints have dropped three straight in the dome, so I’ll follow the trend with hopes Carolina can cover all these points.

BMac:  Don’t trust either of these teams, but I’ll lean towards the Saints since they’re in the dome

The Kid:  Nearly 10 points for any NFC South team is a gift.



Tampa Bay (+9.5) @ Detroit

  Bode, BMac, TBuck, The Kid

  Meat, Jer

Jer:  Tampa’s given up on the season and Detroit is looking to oil up the offense for a playoff push.

Bode:  Detroit’s offense has looked sketchy.  Reggie Bush being out may be impacting it a lot.

BMac:  Seems like this line is a couple points too high.  TB has been frisky lately and should’ve beat Cincy straight up last week.



Saint Louis @ Redskins (+3)

  Meat, Bode, TBuck, Jer

  BMac, The Kid

BMac:  Rams have been playing great lately, but I’m not quite ready to lay 3 with them on the road, even when Colt McCoy will be prominently involved.

TBuck:  One more freebie out of St. Louis this week.  Easy money.

Bode:  Put your hands up!  The Rams are heating up.



New York Jets (+6) @ Minnesota

  BMac, TBuck, Jer

  Meat, Bode, The Kid

Jer:  Too many points to give.  The Jets defenese  is still decent and Minnesota offense is young.

Meat:  Jets offense is so bad they’re on pace to go wishbone triple-option before the season is over.

Bode:  Minnesaota, unless Rex Ryan hasn’t been fired yet.  In which case…Minnesota.  Oops.  Sorry Rex.



Buffalo (+10) @ Denver

  Meat, Bode, Jer

  BMac, TBuck, The Kid

Bode:  Buffalo’s front four is all over Peyton all game.  Denver wins bye 1 – 3 on a last second field goal.

TBuck:  Bronco’s left a lot of points out there last week.  No way the good Manning QB  doesn’t correct those red zone struggles.

The Kid:  Peyton took last week’s game off.  He’s going to roll this week.



Kansas City (+1) @ Arizona

  Meat, Tbuck, Jer, The Kid

  Bode, BMac

Meat:  It’s bounce back time for KC against a reeling Arizona squad.

Jer:  Both are coming off losses, but the injuries are just too much for Arizona to overcome.

The Kid:  These Arizona injuries are just too big of a factor.



San Francisco @ Oakland (+8)

  Bode, BMac

  Meat, TBuck, Jer, The Kid

Troy:  San Fran has won by more than 8 once this season.  Once.

BMac:  Oakland got their one win.  This should be close to a shutout.

Meat:  Niners are so bad they can’t be trusted to cover this spread against the league’s worst team.



Seattle (+1) @ Philadelphia

  Meat, Bode, BMac, TBuck

  The Kid, Jer

Bode:  Super Bowl Champs getting points after a dominant win last week in a repeat 2013 NFC Champ game? Sold.

The Kid:  I’ll take the home team with Seattle on two straight roadies.

Jer:  Hoping this line flips by kickoff.  Seattle will probably struggle to keep up on offense.



New England @ San Diego (+3.5)

  Meat, BMac, Jer

  TBuck, Bode, The Kid

TBuck:  November is finally over.  Feel free to bet on the Bolts again.

Jer:  As close to a lock as there is in my book.  Poor Chargers get manhandled in this one.

The Kid:  This is the game where people who lost their mortgage payment betting during the day try to win it back on the Pats.  Trap game for Mr. December.

Consensus:  Girls Doing the Splits (98 pics)


Atlanta (+12) @ Green Bay

  TBuck, Jer, The Kid

  Meat, Bode, BMac

Meat:  This feels like one of those games where the Packers have three receivers putting up top ten fantasy numbers thanks to Mr. Rodgers.

Jer:  G.B. may get caught in a letdown after tough Pats game.  Too many points to give in this spot.

BMac:  Blowout city….you just don’t F w/ Aaron Rodgers at home right now.



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