Newsweek Ponders if Tribe Lost Because Trevor Bauer Supports Trump

There’s a lot of fucking morons writing about sports, but one such idiot is doing his best to try and stand out from the masses.

Enter Teddy Cutler of Newsweek, who looks like the prepubescent offspring of Mr and Mrs Potato Head. One look at this hipster-spectacled douche bag and you’ll realize we’re not dealing with someone who will offer any unique insight into a sporting event. He perpetually looks like someone who just discovered his favorite vegan coffee place went corporate and now he’ll have to find a new place to sit his skinny jeans out of principle.

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That’s a face that just screams “friend zone.” This is the guy who will hold your purse for you while you’re in the bathroom and go to feminist lectures with you because he is woke as fuck.

Well Teddy’s a sensitive little fella, because despite living in the UK, he’s still super upset that Donald Trump was democratically elected President of the United States. Not only that, he’s one of these petulant little bitches that cannot separate his politics from any aspect of his life. Take this fucking volcanic hot take he had on the Cleveland Indians losing to the Yankees in the ALDS.

This gem is littered with Teddy’s regurgitation of what he read in actual sportswriters’ pieces on the series, and even embarrassingly includes him not knowing the Indians cleanup hitting DH.

Eduardo Encarnacion? This is what happens when a tea loving joke desperately wants to use anything he can to chide someone who disagrees with him politically. He just ends up making a fool of himself and exposes his ignorance. The stupidity continues as Teddy pushes his agenda with misdirection, intimating that Trevor Bauer was glued to his Twitter between innings in game four of the ALDS and thus too distracted to pitch effectively.

Reading that, you’d be led to believe Bauer was out on Twitter’s mean streets blocking political foes in the dugout instead of focusing on the next inning. In reality, Bauer’s night was over when his Twitter activity began. Teddy may just be blissfully unaware that in baseball once you’re removed from the game, you can’t go back in. It’s possible, because he wrote this article so he’s clearly a fucking moron, but in reality he’s just being deceptive to make his blazing take more fitting to his narrative.

How do I know this? Because the little bitch admitted as much a few paragraphs later.

Still, he had to resort to using the word “apparently” instead of, oh, I don’t know, checking some time stamps on Bauer’s actions and comparing it to when he was pulled out of the game. However, that would entail actual journalism, something Newsweek abandoned long ago. Instead, it’s much easier to offer a half-assed piece with a hot take headline simply because you seethe at the very notion a major league pitcher dares to have a different political opinion than you.

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Every player handles the remainder of games from which they’ve been removed differently. Corey Kluber and Andrew Miller watched game 7 from the weight room in the clubhouse after being taken out last year. Bauer apparently took to Twitter after his outing ended prematurely in game 4. If their manager doesn’t take umbrage with it, then it’s a non-issue.

Yeah, I know. I’m just an Indians fan with sour grapes because they choked out a 2 – 0 lead. Am I taking that disappointment out on this little bitch Teddy? You bet your sweet ass I am, but this man child makes it too fucking easy. Look at him!

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So Teddy asks if there’s a correlation between Bauer’s support of Donald Trump and the Cleveland Indians losing in the ALDS, but wraps up his article by saying there is not. To summarize, it’s an exercise in futility that allows Teddy to virtue signal to all the other dipshits in society that see everything as a potential vehicle for their political views. Hey! Let’s mock this guy who disagrees with us politically because we’re petty losers!

This is the sad state of affairs in today’s society. If you disagree with someone politically, it’s now en vogue to simply hate them entirely. Look at Eminem’s cringe-worthy “freestyle” at the BET Awards in which he straight up told his fans to pick between him and Trump. Whether you’re on the left or the right of the political spectrum, it used to be acceptable to agree that Eminem’s music was fucking awesome. Suddenly, if you’re a Republican you’re not allowed to like him anymore? Is that really where we’re going in society? What the fuck is wrong with people?

If anything, current events all too clearly illustrate the fact that neither side of the political spectrum is short on pieces of shit. The loudmouths on the left that couldn’t express their outrage for Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comments got super quiet when serial sexual assaulter Harvey Weinstein’s deplorable behavior was brought to light. Suddenly, the outrage over sexual assault isn’t so great when it’s a Democratic political mega-donor? You see the same hypocrisy out of Republicans, who were all too eager to blast Weinstein, but were seemingly condoning the shit about Trump during the last election cycle.

If you fold the piece of paper in half, the assholes on the left and the assholes on the right are exactly the same. Especially the most powerful, and in particular those who are the most outspoken. These are cowards with platforms that will bully and chide those with whom they disagree. When  you’re a petty little person, you take solace in the struggles of those who disagree with you politically. The German’s call this schadenfreude. That’s the same people that reduced your cities to rubble before the United States came to save your fucking asses, Teddy. Remember that shit you little bitch.

I’m a Cleveland fan. Trevor Bauer supports Donald Trump and I don’t give a flying fuck. I cheer my ass off every time he takes the mound because I want the Indians to win. LeBron James supported Hillary Clinton and I don’t give a flying fuck. I’m still going to cheer my ass off for him every time he takes the court.

Oh, and one final thing Theodore. Even though Trevor Bauer’s season is over, Donald Trump is still the President of the United States. And you’re still just a petulant child who needs to accept that not everyone thinks the same way. You’re not right. They’re not wrong. It’s just different.

Since you’re a “sportswriter,” I’d suggest that you stick to sports, but it’s clearly not your forte.

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