New York Post Reveals Surprising Details About the Knicks Pursuit of Kawhi Leonard

Warning, any New York Knicks fans will not like to hear what the New York Post found out in regards to their team pursuing Kawhi Leonard.

(Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Bachman | Associated Press)

The New York Knicks were long rumored to be a potential landing spot for a multitude of the top free agents. From Kevin Durant to Kyrie Irving, and even most recently Kawhi Leonard. When it was announced that the “B-team” of New York would be landing the duo of Kyrie and KD, many thought that the Knicks would go all in on Kawhi Leonard.

Come July 1st, we saw that was not, in fact, the plan. With the signings of guys like Bobby Portis, Taj Gibson, Julius Randle, and Wayne Ellington, the Knicks were essentially out of the sweepstakes. The team did have a meeting scheduled with Leonard yesterday, but according to the New York Post, they decided to cancel because they didn’t want to miss out on the free agents that they did end up signing.

Now, I understand that signing Kawhi was a ginormous longshot for the Knicks, but come on. The worst run franchise in sports decided not to pursue arguably the best player in the NBA in favor of three average power forwards? Let’s just say for a minute that this was the plan all along and Kawhi was never involved in the Knicks future. Where does this Knicks team, as constructed, even end up? Out of the playoffs, but not quite bad enough to get better through the draft.

At the very least you strike out on everyone and save some cap space, as well as a top pick in next year’s draft. Now you’re in the same exact situation, minus the chance for a star like Zion Williamson coming out of the draft next season. Just another showing of awful ownership and management from what used to be a prestigious franchise. The only positive for Knicks fans is that there is finally a legitimate excuse to leave the fanbase and end their misery. Once again, James Dolan has me feeling horrible for Knicks fans everywhere. Bring back the Paper Bag Mafia, or if you actually want to enjoy yourself, find a team that actually cares about you.

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