What New York Giants Fans Really Want This Christmas.

Could you imagine a world where your sports wishes came true every Christmas? Yeah, me neither. But, I’m going to give you a Christmas wishlist that is simple, yet realistic and will lead the New York Giants to a playoff birth.

Dear NFL Santa,

I am a New York Giants fan and I am sick and tired of being disappointed year after year by a losing team. Us NYG faithful deserve so much better than what we are getting, even with all of the talent on the field. I have a list of demands, I mean wishes, for you, that I feel will put Big Blue back on track.

  1. As sad as it may be for die-hard fans like myself, its time to get Eli out. He is not the same gunslinging, ball-in-his-hands, game winning QB that we all fell in love with. The sad reality is that Elijah Manning has aged, and has done so very quickly. We love Eli and want to do right by him, so don’t you think the right thing to do would to be to cut him and send him on his merry way to go wherever his heart desires? No matter if it’s Jacksonville to reunite with his favorite coach, Tom Coughlin, or a ride off into the sunset that is retirement with nationwide insurance commercial shoots. Regardless, next Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys should be an emotional, yet final goodbye to our beloved 2x Super Bowl MVP quarterback.


  2. A bridge QB because this draft class stinks. My favorite wish for my favorite football team is that they grab a good, established signal-caller for a 2 year contract. A name that really stands out to me is also a Super Bowl MVP and would be in line for a $20 million option that will most likely be turned down, Nick Foles. Foles has established himself as a winner when in the right system. He’s a smart QB who would be more than helpful to an NYG offense that is tacked with more talent than most NFL teams. Also, Giant’s current head coach Pat Shurmur was one of Foles’ offensive coordinators in Philadelphia. That being said, the 2020 QB draft class will blow the 2019 class out of the water with names such as Shea Patterson (UM), Tua Tagovailoa (Bama), Jake Fromm (UGA),  Jake Bentley (South Carolina), and Brian Lewerke (MSU) highlighting the class. That gives the Giants plenty of reason to pass on a QB in this draft and sign a bridge. With the NFL salary cap expanding this off-season, the Giants will definitely have the available funds to bring in another quarterback.


  3. Ole Miss OT Greg Little. Don’t let his name fool you, there is nothing little about Greg. Standing at 6’6″ and weighing in at 325lbs, he would be a great pick up for NY in this years NFL Draft. Little has freakish speed and athleticism for a guy his size playing the OT position and would definitely be a huge help towards solidifying an offensive line that until recent weeks, has been abysmal, to say the least. The addition of Jamon Brown has helped the Giants stop the rush up the middle and really has made the O-line respectable. A line that has Will Hernandez, Jamon Brown, Nate Solder (who has exponentially bettered his play recently), and Greg Little would be a huge help to presumed NFC offensive rookie of the year, Saquon Barkley, as well as any QB under center for Big Blue in 2019.


  4. For once, a healthy full season of Odell Beckham Jr. Odell Beckham has played 5 years in the NFL and has yet to play a full season in any of them. Still, Beckham has torn through the league breaking records, winning the ROY, and making him not one of, but THE best WR in NFL history, through their first 50 career games. Imagine if this guy played 5 full seasons? He’s one of the most skilled WR’s ever, and given the chance, he can become of the greatest of all time. OBJ has been called out on his attitude, sideline antics, and controversial end zone celebrations. As of now, there is no denying that currently, since the middle of this season, Odell has been a great teammate, leader, and energy source for a NYG team who has all but given up. Odell for a full season gives the Giants the chance to score a ton of points on any given game day, and will immediately make his teammates and new QB better players, just by being on the field.

    (Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports)


Well, NFL Santa, there is only one last thing I could ask for. I ask for the same thing every year, and that is a New York Football Giants Super Bowl win. I’ll tell you what, if you grant my 4 wishes, you probably won’t even have to do much for them to win another Lombardy trophy. Please, don’t make me beg. Don’t make US beg. The NYG fanbase deserves these wishes, especially with how bad its been since “The Boat.” How about a little help?

Sincerely, your favorite Giants fan,

John McAndrew



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