Writers Guide to BIGPLAY.com

 Writing for BIGPLAY.com

General info:

  1. Focus on timely, relevant news stories that revolve around a current event, video, tweet, etc.



2. Include some witty, funny commentary if applicable

3. Write about things you enjoy. If you need to curse to get your point across, throw out an f-bomb. We’re pretty laid back.


Titles and Featured image:

  1. Good tip for titles: Tell the reader what the post is about while making them want to click to find out more.
  2. Include “VIDEO:” in the title for video posts.
  3. Capitalize all words in title except for 1-3 letter words (and, if, the, a, to, etc.). Always capitalize pronouns.
  4. Featured image: any non Getty image from Google, social media, etc. (if there’s an issue, we will swap it out for a different pic)
  5. Make it a good pic, as this will greatly impact your click thru rate
  6. Use screen shot cropped pics of the video for video posts
  7. Horizontal size to fit Facebook image layout (Don’t set a vertical image as a featured image). You won’t get any clicks if you picture is square and cuts out the athlete’s head.
  8. iPhone apps for cropping photos: Aviary, Pic Jointer

Social Media:

  1. Feel free to post on your personal accounts. We will handle all posting on BIGPLAY social media accounts.

Sources for ideas, video content, etc.

  1. Twitter, Vine, Instagram, YouTube (can copy and paste all of these URLs into WordPress post.
  2. If you’re stuck, check out other similar sports sites for ideas (bleacherreport, the biglead, barstool, ftw, total pro sports, 12up


  1. Download the WordPress app for your phone. I post 90% of my articles from it. Very easy to use.
  2. Even though each post will be reviewed once published, you are your own editor. The better shape your articles are in, the quicker they will be posted and read.
  3. Writer stats and payouts can be found on the left hand menu under “Writer Stats”
  4. Any questions, text me day or night. 440-570-8288.