New Era of College Football: Players Take Control

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has begun!

Players are taking complete control of their own destiny. The 5 Star backups are finally saying the hell with waiting for my time to shine, I am going somewhere else to prove my worth. Now as old school as I may be and how badly I want there to be quarterback controversy to keep me busy and most of all the competition sings sweet harmonies in my brain, BUT I am a man that is for the player. I am a man for the employee rather than the employer. God Bless America. Built on the backs of employees. When I see players saying I don’t care if you’re Nick Saban, The Ohio State University, Dabo Sweeney, the prestigious Notre Dame, southern kid going up north, and last but not least going from Norman, Oklahoma to Morgantown, West Virginia in order to establish your legacy and start for another team, I grin from ear to ear. That’s the type of stuff that makes me listen to Toby Keith and be proud to be an American. Why? Because when you’re undervalued at your workplace you should be able to go wherever you want to show your value. Especially when you’re auditioning for millions. So to everyone, not just big-name quarterbacks, who are leaving their respected university in order to get their shot at a big-time opportunity, thank you.

For the people bad mouthing the players for leaving and most of all saying the players have no loyalty. Do you say the same to any coach who leaves for a better opportunity? I have a close friend who was a starter during the Darrell Hazell era at Kent State University. On December 5, 2012, Hazell left for Purdue, it was a better job opportunity than Kent State. Now at that time, the Golden Flashes had their best year in recent time finishing 11-2 before their bowl game and the writing was on the wall the team was not going to be in very good shape after this year for his senior year. Instead of transferring he stayed put, why? Because the worry of eligibility, how you’re viewed leaving, it could have been many different reasons, but one thing is for certain if the circumstances and rules were different he might’ve not had to waste his following senior year with a coach who led them to a 4-8 season when they were previously ranked in the AP Poll the year prior. We can’t chastise players for doing what coaches do regularly, without having to worry about eligibility or how they’re viewed.

I believe the understanding of your worth for the College Football quarterbacks started in 2013-2014 when Braxton Miller was replaced due to injury by JT Barrett whom later on in the year was replaced due to injury by Cardale Jones to guide the Buckeyes on their historic run to a championship. We have seen situations like this go even further with Alabama when Tua Tagovailoa replaced Jalen Hurts in the National Championship, Trevor Lawerence replacing Kelly Bryant, and Ian Book replacing Brandon Wimbush. Unlike Cardale Jones, Hurts, Bryant, and Wimbush decided to leave their respected schools and not fall victim to playing backup for a prestigious program because they told them to. Tate Martell, Justin Fields, and Austin Kendall all know they have athleticism and ability so instead of just falling in line they decided to assure their chance of auditioning for the NFL and not leaving it in the hands of the player in front of them or the head coach. If you don’t think it benefits you to transfer at any point even after you graduate ask Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Joey Burrows, Shea Patterson, and etc. they might tell you otherwise.

So do I believe they’re running from the competition? A part of me says, yes, but I understand it. So I have to look for that competition I am missing, elsewhere.


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