Antonio Brown Asks Steeler Nation If They Want Him in Pittsburgh

Antonio Brown asked the fans for their opinions, and they responded.

As of late, it seems as if Steeler Nation is split right down the middle in wanting Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown back on the roster for good. But there’s no clear answer in what lies ahead during the rest of the off-season.

But with all of the drama that has come with him, are you as a fan really ready to give up his athleticism that has proved worthy to the Steelers? He wanted to find that question out himself. Brown has yet to have the “official” interview that he has talked so much about. But he did leave it to Twitter to answer the question.

Again, this Brown ‘stunt’ struck confusion. And there was definitely two different types of moods from his fans and Steeler Nation.

So leave your thoughts in the comments football fans, let us know what you think. Do you think Brown should stay in Pittsburgh or be traded?

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