MMA Fighter Josh Neer Invites Trash-Talker to Fight, Outcome is Horrible

This video is pretty disturbing.

Josh Neer, a former UFC fighter and current MMA fighter, has apparently been harassed for quite some time now by one individual. Here’s the trash-talker confronting Neer via text (in grey):



And then this happened.


Per the, Neer provided an explanation for the fight and video post:

“Basically the guys a dumbass and been talking shit about MMA fighters for a month. On and on, I usually ignore him but this Saturday he wrote me on Facebook the message i gave. He had written 10 messages to me talking shit which I ignored, but this time I said if you really want to fight come to the gym Monday at 5:30.
I don’t know what his problem is but he’s a big guy, like 6-6 and 270 pounds and just acts like a bully. That what he seems like to me, just a bully.
He showed up at 6:10, 40 mins into my practice. And then I asked him if he wanted to fight Rakim or me and Rakim is bigger then me so of course he chose me.”

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